Snapshots: Lady Gaga checks out Kendrick Lamar’s set at Pitchfork Festival

She’s already made it known through a few tweets that she and Kendrick Lamar have an interesting (and unlikely) friend/fan relationship, now the Fame Monster known as Lady Gaga takes it a step further by showing up at K-Dot’s Pitchfork Music Festival set on Sunday to support her favorite rapper live and in person.

Looking surprisingly regular in a tight black top (guess the weather wasn’t meat dress-appropriate), Gaga hung out onstage while the Black Hippy did his thing, pretty much blending in and seemingly enjoying the opportunity to be just another fan.

For Kendrick’s sake, let’s hope that this friendship with Gaga can somehow segue into at least a few (million) of Gaga’s 27.1 million Twitter followers becoming Black Hippy fans. That would be an amazing look for the kid and the crew.

Check out a few Gaga flicks below.

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