Snapshot: Willow Smith’s letter to Tupac

In her latest random act of 11-year-old cuteness, habitual hair-whipper Willow Smith has penned a short letter to her mother’s good friend Tupac Shakur, telling the late rapper how much her mommy misses him. If I wasn’t so gangsta, I might be moved to crack a smile. Or at least a smirk.

It is unclear when this letter was written — I’m assuming it’s at least a couple years old — but it expresses, in very childlike fashion, how badly young Willow wants Tupac back (no Meek Mill) so that she and her mom can be happy.

So why’d she write this, you ask? Was she listening to “Dear Mama” one day and decided to do something nice for hers? Is she a conspiracy theorist trying to prove ‘Pac is still alive by flying him a kite in hopes that he replies? Is this letter a decades-late rebuttal to the poem ‘Pac dedicated to Willow’s mom back in the day?

Who knows? And, quite frankly, who even cares?

Just take a look at the lil’ lady’s lil’ letter below, and get your awwwws ready.