Snapshot: The Source crowns Kendrick Lamar Rookie of the Year | Music News

We recently brought you the news that 2 Chainz had been named one of The Source‘s Men of the Year and now we bring you the slightly more exciting news of Kendrick Lamar‘s coronation as Rookie of the Year, donning a special crown for their new cover story.

What you probably don’t need me to tell you is that K Dot has had an incredible 2012.

You should already know about the sparkling guest features and singles that preceded the release of his major label debut, the buzz that those releases built, and the accolades that followed when good kid, m.A.A.d city dropped in October, stealing the year in one fell swoop. You should know that the good kid is a much better rapper than 2 Chainz will ever be, and probably a much better rapper than most rappers will ever be. If you don’t, I suggest you buy good kid, m.A.A.d city now and work your way back from there, discovering the backstory that made Kendrick the story of 2012.

Whilst you won’t be able to read The Source’s Rookie of the Year issue until it hits stands on December 4th, check out an excerpt from the cover story below, and scroll down for a behind-the-scenes clip of the cover shoot, in which Kendrick discusses his influences, artists he’d like to work with, and the first ever song he remembers hearing:

Kendrick Lamar on his religious beliefs at a young age: “We couldn’t believe something we didn’t know about. As a kid, all we seeing is street sh*t… When you see one of your partners get smoked and that same day you have someone coming to you preaching to you asking you, ‘Do you believe in God?,’ it gives you a [different] outlook.”