Snapshot: Miguel covers “The Now Issue” of The Fader

Miguel is pretty much the man of the moment, so it’s no surprise that next month he graces the cover of “The Now Issue” for FADER magazine.

This special annual edition of the magazine takes a look at some of the hottest and most important subjects around right now and given that Miguel’s sophomore album, Kaleidoscope Dream, has received much critical acclaim so far this year, it’s only right that he gets a mention.

Despite the dissolution of Jive Records (who he was previously signed to) in 2011 and consequently having to move over to RCA Records, the 26-year-old singer appears to have emerged stronger and more secure in his music than ever in 2012 and even went on to pen one of the smoothest songs of the year, “Adorn”.

He reveals to FADER that his debut album, All I Want Is You, came with a number of misconceptions about the type of artist and person he was trying to be, which he now hopes to clear up with the release of Kaleidoscope Dream.

He says: “I was exclusively marketed as an ‘urban artist,’ and I mean that in the most generic way. But I have never been one to live within a stereotype. My lifestyle has always been alternative in comparison to what’s expected from an ethnic male from Los Angeles. With my first album, not only was I being misunderstood, I was misunderstood, and it was distracting people from the music. Now, I want to make sure that everything I do is the best, most rounded projection of who I really am.”

Miguel also admits that he owes a lot to his upbringing for making him the unique individual that he is today.

“My mother was really, really sheltering,”he says. “Very religious as well. She raised me to be god-fearing, upright. Barely even let us listen to the radio. Then I’d go to my dad’s house and I’m watching mad porn, trying to talk to girls, getting into trouble. It was really double-life shit, but that’s when I started to learn that I had to make decisions. Who I’m going to be, how I’m going to act. My life has always been like that. Are you Mexican or are you black? Are you Christian or are you no religion? I decided I was always going to be different. Because I already was different.”

Read the full interview at Fader. “The Now Issue” hits newsstands on 11 December.