Snapshot: Game unveils new ‘Jesus Piece’ cover art

You might remember how the deluxe edition cover for Game‘s upcoming Jesus Piece album caused some controversy when it was unveiled just over a week ago, depicting a seemingly gang-affiliated Jesus-figure wearing a gold Jesus piece. Well now Jayceon’s back with the artwork for the standard edition, and it’s a rather different kind of gesture.

The new art shows a picture of Game’s late older brother, Jevon Danell Taylor, with the words “In Loving Memory Of…” above it. Jevon was gunned down at the age of 21, when the rapper was just 13, and naturally, it’s something that’s had a massive effect on the Compton rapper’s life.

Unveiling the new artwork for his album, Game shared, “I let my son write my name & the album title on it & in that moment I felt a connection between who I knew my brother to be when he was Harlem’s age & my son now. That moment was the closest my son will ever be to my brother & that alone is the reason I felt I should share it with you.”

I myself, despite being raised in a practising Catholic family, didn’t object to the deluxe edition cover, which I think is an imaginative enough work of art. It’s just another incidence of rappers seeing in their lives some sort of quasi-religious sacrifice; the same thing which Kendrick Lamar talks about when describing having a vision of 2Pac or rapping “Kendrick, Compton’s human sacrifice,” and which 2Pac himself often engaged in, and it’s a fair association to make.

Nonetheless, Game’s new cover is valuable in that it stops the iconography of the former being an empty gesture and gives it some context. Whether it’s been inspired by the family-oriented artwork of his younger peer’s debut is difficult to say, but as far as I can see, the eerie red writing and the black-and-white picture go some way towards explaining the bizarre nature of Game’s communication and art.

The new album drops December 11th.

Here’s the deluxe edition album art: