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“Industry rule #4,080: Record company people are shady” – Q-Tip (“Check the Rhime” off The Low End Theory)

Earlier this week BBC 1xtra DJ Mistajam was given the green light to play what was then Grime Titan Skepta’s new track “Dare To Dream.” However it seems as though the rug has been pulled from right under the Boy Better Know co-founder’s feet, as the song was purchased by none other than the infamous Interscope boss Jimmy Iovine for Hip Hop superstar Eminem.

Less than eight hours ago Skepta, who recently released his DJ Whoo Kid hosted mixtape Community Payback, took to his Twitter account to vent about his surprise, frustration and understanding at having his song, which many believed could have been his biggest hit to date, purchased without him knowing.

According to the North Londoner, he received an email stating that the song had been purchased and subsequently taken down from YouTube, “Just got a f*%king CRAZY email. I don’t know if I should be angry or privileged. This explains why the f*%k YouTube took ‘Dare To Dream’ off.”

Skepta – “Dare To Dream” (Radio Rip):

Skepta – who is signed to All Around The World Records, an imprint distributed by Universal Music UK – continued, “Jimmy Iovine Interscope heard my new single ‘Dare To Dream’ and decided he wanted to sign it for Eminem hence Universal takin it off YouTube.”

Although he was hurt by what had transpired, Skepta showed some true British grit and the proverbial ‘stiff upper-lip’ saying, “I overly love the song but at the same time I do understand Eminem together with the ‘Dare To Dream’ chorus will be absolutely f*%king CRAZY.”

“Being in an industry where money talks, everybody involved in the ‘Dare To Dream’ project came to a conclusion to sign it to Interscope.. So if you’ve already radio ripped my version of ‘Dare To Dream’ this will be the first time I say “WELL DONE” };) A new single coming soon..”

Such is life… Skepta isn’t the first artist to experience this nor will he be the last. However, the most significant thing here is that Interscope boss Jimmy Iovine, who has been the label’s chairman since 2001 and has produced albums for the likes of U2, Dire Straits and Patti Smith, who also co-owns the Monster Cable manufactured Beats By Dre (with Dr. Dre) and has guided the career’s for Eminem and Lady Gaga, is NOW familiar with Skepta… and that in itself could mean big things for out Grime star.

Watch this space…

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