Sisqo to return with ‘Last Dragon’ album this summer


Talking exclusively with SoulCulture in London, Dru Hill frontman Sisqo has announced that his long-awaited third solo album will drop this coming spring/summer.

Following his 2001 release Return of Dragon, it’s been 12 years since fans have heard anything from the multi-platinum selling singer as a solo artist. “I’ve been working on the album for a minute but the timing just wasn’t right to come out. I’ve had the opportunity to release music several times,” Sisqo says.

“Last year was the year of the dragon. That would have been perfect but it still wasn’t the right time. There was too much going on for when we were trying to drop,” he muses. “In the music industry you have to catch the right quarter. It’s like double dutch.”

The album, which is titled Last Dragon, will be the final part of his ‘Dragon’ trilogy. Featuring a variety of material recorded over the past three years, according to him his ability to be ahead of the curve will see him right.

“A lot of the time people say my music is ahead of its time,” he states. “My [new] album is complied of a lot of music that I started working on three years ago and it’s relevant now. The whole techno’ thing – I started experimenting with that three years ago. It wasn’t even really that mainstream popular. Now everybody’s doing it.”

When asked if he’ll stand out in the mix of dance-inspired artists [being that everyone is now doing the same thing and because he’s been away for so long] the “Thong Song” singer answers, “Good music lasts. I’ve always been a firm believer that it’s about how you come and not when you come.

“It’s been 12 years since my first solo album. At the end of the day, [if I] come out with a quality product [it’ll seem] as if I came out yesterday. Everybody will forget how long it took if I come [correct].”

Releasing the album via his Dragon Music Group, Sisqo claims to still have major distribution. This means you will be hearing from the silver tipped dancing machine very soon; and if the material SoulCulture were exclusively given access to is anything to go by, it could be the summer of the dragon once again. Stay tuned.

Watch: Sisqo performing with Dru Hill at Wembley, London in March:

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