Sir Michael Rocks talks Lap of Lux project, Derrick Rose + more w/ Rise 24 [Video]

Shortly before his Lap of Lux project hit up our bandwidth on Thursday, The Cool Kids‘ very own Jet Lifer Sir Michael Rocks sat down with Rise24 at New York City’s Chung King Studios — where the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, LL Cool J and many others recorded some of their most revered albums. During the sit-down, the rapper spoke on the concept and musical direction of Lap Of Lux, why he considers himself the Derrick Rose (NBA superstar) of Hip-Hop and much more.

“I went by one simple rule for this whole shit: I just want to turn the f**k up,” the Jets International artist said when discussing Lap of Lux‘s musical direction. “That was the one simple rule I went by when I was picking beats. I was like ‘if it ain’t a turn up, I don’t even want it. I this ain’t a banger, I don’t want it.'”

“I don’t want ride-around-sad-thinking-’bout-your-girlfriend-beats, spaced-out-telling-a-story-about-some-ol-mythical-shit beats. I didn’t want none of that. I wanted the sh*t that you can party to, make memories to. Something that gonna like make you get up from your seat. Shit that makes you feel something,” he later added.

You can watch the full interview below.