Shawn Chrystopher – ‘lovestory.’ [Mixtape] | Stream x Free Download

Before the days when rappers were judged by blog hits and Wi-Fi was king, mixtapes were largely just a showcase of how well you could spit over the 20 most popular beats at the time. But while the game has almost entirely changed in this Internet-driven industry, one benefit is blindingly obvious: mixtapes have improved in quality threefold. Hell, probably more like fourfold.

Inglewood, California-hailing emcee Shawn Chrystopher‘s brand new lovestory. project is a perfect case in point. A conceptual record – a topic you should easily be able to guess at from the title – the tape is more than just a handful of “hot” freestyles tossed into a .zip folder and slapped with a “Mixtape” label. Like the title suggests, this is a story; one that – to a cohesive soundtrack of muffled and moody beats – encompasses both the joyous highs and punishing lows of Shawn’s 15-track journey through love.

lovestory.‘s contributions are short, but sweet, with Dom Kennedy, Phil Ade, GLC and Mann all adding input to the tale. It’s a cast we fully recommend you grant attention to today.

Stream and download lovestory. below.

Listen: Shawn Chrystopher – lovestory.

DOWNLOAD: Shawn Chrystopher – lovestory.

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