Shawn Chrystopher – ‘lovestory.’ | Cover Art

With his new mixtape due out on July 26th, California-based rapper/producer Shawn Chrystopher took to Tumblr to release the official artwork for his upcoming lovestory. mixtape, accompanied by a message explaining the idea and meaning behind it.

Shawn explained that, contrary to the name of the mixtape, listeners can expect more than just songs about intimate relationships with random women. He plans to delve into the relationship he has with his mum, sister, female friends and even his crew.

He also went on to say, “[T]his is the year my life will change forever. … All i want to do is change the lives of those around me. I just want to grab everyone’s hand and lead them… from one side of the street to the next because thats where ‘it’s at. So in this picture. This artwork. Thats where im going. To the other side of the street.”

Executive produced by Timbaland, lovestory. will include features from the likes of GLC, Dom Kennedy, Phil Adé, Kris Kasanova, Buddy and Gang Colours.

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