Shakka – The Shakka Crown Affair | New Mixtape

Emerging UK-based singer/songwriter Shakka recently released his latest body of work, an 11-track conceptual mixtape (excluding the skits) titled The Shakka Crown Affair which sees him “borrow” beats and instrumentals from the likes of Lil Wayne, J.Dilla, Coldplay, Jay-Z and Calvin Harris amongst others and offer his own interpretations and “remixes” to these originals.

Listen below to some of my favourite songs from The Shakka Crown Affair mixtape.

Take Our Time:

The Prelude (Remix):

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Coldplay Cover):

Did I also mention that in addition to Shakka being a brilliant singer and faultless songwriter, he’s also a rapper. An attribute which I find to be distracting sometimes but when the rapping does work as on “The Prelude (Remix)” which you heard above and “Chicken Legs” – the mixtape’s opener, it’s rather quite special. All in all, this mixtape is quite the experience and some of the songs might take a few listens before they marinate but these eleven songs show enough vocal dexterity, song writing ability, clever lyricism and adept musicality to see that Shakka is one bloody talented artist and intelligent too.

I almost wasn’t going to share this mixtape but I had an epiphany while recently writing about The Weeknd and this is certainly no slight at what the emerging Toronto-based R&B singer/songwriter is doing across the pond but the truth is I have certainly enjoyed Shakka’s mixtape more than I have enjoyed the few songs in circulation from The Weeknd so why haven’t I shared this mixtape with you yet? Well I felt I had to correct this and I hope you’ve enjoyed the music. Download the mixtape below.

Download: Shakka – The Shakka Crown Affair (Mixtape)

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