SClusive Premiere: Hejira x Tawiah – “Silent Disco” | New Music

Hejira x Tawiah

With melodic requests for you to show your moves as the beat builds, eclectic four-piece London outfit Hejira join forces with soulful songstress Tawiah for an insistent dance bubbler that will quickly transform your bedroom into a rave. Are you gonna get down?

The group, comprised of Sam Beste, Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne, Alexis Nunez and Alex Reeve, are currently ‘TraumTouring’ the UK to support their freshly released debut album Prayer Before Birth – out now through Accidental Records – while “Silent Disco” springs from their TRAUMTAPE alongside further original collaborations with TraumTour artists The Invisible, MAXIXE, Hello Skinny, =CoN+KwAkE=, Open Souls and Anna Lena.

Visit for remaining live dates, but first big up your eardrums and press play below.

Then buy their album.

TRAUMTAPE Tracklist:

Side A
1. Murky Love: Hejira x The Invisible
2. Hotter Than September: Hejira x =CoN+KwAkE=
3. First Light: Hejira x MAXIXE
4. 5 Rays: Hejira x Hello Skinny
5. Golden Bird: Hejira x Anna Lena

Side B
1. Ritual#1: Hejira x Hejira
2. Silent Disco: Hejira x Tawiah
3. Syra: Hejira x Open Souls
4. Two Moons: Hejira x Hejira