Scarface announces title of joint LP with Beanie Sigel, says it will be a double album | Music News

Fans of authentic, streetwise Hip-Hop have been salivating at the thought of a full-length Scarface and Beanie Sigel album since plans for the project were announced back in March. In a recent interview with XXL, Brother Mob shined a bit more light on the collaboration, including its working title and the planned release strategy.

“I think the name of the album’s gon be The First 48,” the 41-year-old rap vet revealed. “We gon’ do a double album. First 48, Second 48. Beanie came up with that shit. It’s dope. The minute that everything is a go, we gon put our lives on camera and we gon record the first one in 48 hours.”

With the concept intact, Facemob says the project will be released via the internet as soon as its finished.

“We gon’ record the album in 48 hours, but it’s gonna be prepared, though,” he said. “I think we gon’ go all internet for the first couple of weeks. We gon’ drop that bitch, as soon as we done, we gon’ upload. And there it is, bam!”

Scarface did not offer any clues as to when we should expect The First 48. If the announcement he made via Twitter back in April holds true, though, we should be seeing Face’s 12th solo album, Rooted, in the very near future.

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