Ryan Leslie previews “Swizz Francs” [Video]

The terminally underrated producer, singer and songwriter extraordinare Ryan Leslie unveils a preview of new song “Swizz Francs,” plus a taster of the remix for “Beautiful Lie.”

The video is a sequence of b-roll footage from the Les Is More documentary, leaving the Harlem Jets to pick up a deposit for a live appearance before meeting up with Fabolous to listen to the final “Beautiful Lie” remix.

Although the visuals do not feature any footage from the official “Swizz Francs” video [which was shot in New York and Zurich, Switzerland], you can hear a preview of the final product in the background – and boyyy does it sound good.

“Swiss Francs” Lyrics:

When I was young, I had a dream of being President
Went to Harvard – the best money I ever spent
Graduated young – now they’re saying I’m a mogul
People ask me what my address is I tell them: Global

New headquarters: down Wall Street
Went from being broke in Harlem, now we all eat
Twin Benz trucks – call that double parked
Plus every record I make is a f*ckin’ work of art

I’m gettin’ more money since I went independent
And they never seen me coming – had my windows tinted
The crown prince: pride of my community
And when I fly I want diplomatic immunity

My passport is stamped out – I need some pages
When I die they gon’ act out my life on movie stages
Got a hired gun – motto is “Protect the Chief”
Keep these haters from scheming on this Patek Philippe

Bills foreign, Swiss Francs
Before I die I want my money in a Swiss Bank
I can see right through these haters – fish tanks
Plus they staring at my watch

(Words & music by Ryan Leslie)

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