Ryan Leslie addresses million dollar lawsuit onstage in New York [Video]

R&B star Ryan Leslie recently found himself the victim of some negative press, with his name being in headlines on blogs and in newspapers everywhere regarding a recent court case, stemming from 2010 when the singer had the misfortune of having his backpack and laptop stolen in Germany.

After pleading to get his belongings back and offering a hefty $1 million reward, a man retrieved his laptop for him – but the music Leslie wanted back was no longer on there. The courts have determined that Leslie will still have to pay out the $1 million he promised – and whilst performing at a Long Island University Homecoming concert this week, Leslie addressed the issue on the mic.

Onstage this week, Leslie explained that he wasn’t just trying to get out of paying the money, but that he was misunderstood in that the reward was only so high as he desperately wanted back the music he had been working on, which was stored on his laptop hard-drive; the reward wasn’t just to get the laptop itself back.

While explaining his situation, he got somewhat emotional after repeating headlines he had read about himself calling him a “rap weasel,” but soon got a piece of revenge as he set light to the front cover of the New York Post while singing the appropriate “5 Minute Freshen Up” with lyrics, “I’m livin’ good/ But don’t get it confused/ As a titan, I had to get used to bein’ sued/ Don’t believe everything you read in the fuckin’ news.”

Check out footage from the concert below.