Russell Simmons, Steve Rifkind and UMG join forces for YouTube-focused label All Def Music

Reports have surfaced that Universal Music Group, Russell Simmons, Steve Rifkind and Awesomeness TV founder Brian Robbins are teaming up  for YouTube focused music label All Def Music.

Launching in third quarter of this year, All Def Music will have Rifkind serving as its president and chief executive while serving as UMG’s answer to multi-channel networks(MCN) on YouTube networks like Maker Studios, Fullscreen and Base79 which also includes rostered artists. The label works in conjunction with YouTube funded MCN All Def Digital launched by Simmons and Robbins earlier this year.

According to reports, All Def Music will use Google’s video service for focus on signing, developing and promoting musicians.

In an exclusive interview with CNET, Simmons mentioned the signing of New Orleans based female MC 3D Na’Tee.

“You can’t tell me she can’t rap,” Simmons almost shouted into the phone. “But do you know how expensive it is to make Na’Tee a star? You need to dress her, and, oh, she needs to get her hair done. She needs somebody like to me to pay attention to her at the early stage. Because if she’s running around in sweatsuits, she’s going to be just another girl, even though she’s fantastic. Nobody wants to sign her. Nobody wants to give a break. I want to give her a break. But she needs to be styled and she needs the best producer on the planet.”