Rochelle Jordan’s ‘Pressure’ LP, chopped’n’screwed by KPDATRUTH | Stream/Download

Typically screw music doesn’t reach worldwide, but this remix of Rochelle Jordan‘s critically acclaimed album Pressure, by KPDATRUTH of the Texas Screw Crew Throwed Assassins, is making waves far outside of the Lone Star state. The Canadian R&B singer’s original album was a silky-smooth, synth-filled journey that encompassed a variety of moods, with KPDATRUTH now slowing everything down to the point that the listener can better appreciate every inflection in Jordan’s voice as well as the complex layering of the album’s production.

A common indictment against screw music is its lack of originality and excitement, but KPDATRUTH provides a viable exception with this project. Download the entire remix album here and stream/purchase Jordan’s original album via Bandcamp.