Rihanna performs “Diamonds” on The Voice Season Finale [Video]

Much to the delight of the roaring crowd, Rihanna took the stage to bring NBC‘s The Voice to a climactic finish for the season. Clad in all-black and as charismatic as ever, the Bajan popstar dazzled throughout her first ever appearance on the show. As if Rihanna’s presence wasn’t enough to fill a stage, she was surrounded by an array of light structures that hung from the rafters, effectively hiding the excellent musicians backing her up.

This performance had more of a rock tinge to it than her previous performances, such as her recent stop at X Factor UK which was more similar to the recorded track. The added instrumentation in her latest performance is felt the most in the closing stanzas of the songs, as Rihanna’s voice is backed by a roaring electric guitar riff, elevating the energy of the song to another level. Watch below.