Rich Hil f/ Brophy – ‘Pop Pills’ | New Music

Rich Hil may have grown up calling the hugely successful fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger Dad, but don’t mistake him for a preppy, privileged white kid. The Connecticut-hailing rapper (probably the best rapper to ever come from “The Cut”) forgoes whatever preconceptions he may unwillingly carry, instead electing to grind it out like the rest of his fellow burgeoning emcees.

With a slew of mixtapes in circulation, notably his Lost Limos series and last year’s Lex Luger-laced 500 Grams, Ricky has established himself as a familiar face in today’s “drug rap” scene. Fusing a punk rock attitude and melancholy raps, Hil channels his affection for weed, pills and generally whatever non-hard drugs he can get his hands on (which appears to be quite a lot) through his characteristically croaky croons.

His latest mind-altering musical offering is no different, recruiting fellow newcomer (something Rich has always made a clear effort to do) Brophy for this gloomy number, “Pop Pills”. Hilfiger Jr.’s SYLDD (Support Your Local Drug Dealer) has been the talk of his fanbase and select blogs for well over a year now, and although this new track isn’t confirmed a placement, it’s anticipated as any forthcoming project in hip-hop.

You’ll probably want to follow his orders, grab something to roll up and sit tight as we wait for SYLDD to arrive. A release date is yet to be announced.

Listen: Rich Hil f/ Brophy – ‘Pop Pills’