Res – Black.Girls.Rock! [ALBUM REVIEW]

Sometimes timing is everything. When I was first introduced to Res and her debut single “Golden Boys,” I instantly fell in love with a woman’s whose musical sound mirrored mine. Even though she may have a soul and Hip Hop influence, she also has some Pink Floyd or a copy of Sketches of Spain on vinyl. But maybe the rest of the musical world (or her label not knowing how to market such an eclectic artist) dropped the ball, and so her sophomore project Black.Girls.Rock! took a back seat.

Even though this album has been in an incubator for a few years, the music can be released in the musical climate now and still be a force to be reckoned with. Now, with so many alternative sounding acts (including Gnarls Barkley, a band in which she does back-up for), the public maybe ready for Res… again.

The album begins with “On My Way,” a rock-soul hybrid of Res talking about something that we all have issues with: the radio. There’s an honesty in the music that is apparent and appealing. Other moments of her intimate story telling are shown on songs like “Sunday Nite” and “Angry” has me wondering why she isn’t featured on Billboard’s Top 100.

Sonically the album has more moments of acoustic-rock than soulful backdrops (which her debut had more of). Either way, the material is still well-produced and enough variety to keep the fans she has, and able to attract ones that aren’t familiar with her. Hopefully the resurfacing of this project will be a calling to major labels with gems like this sitting in the vaults (i.e. J*Davey) and encourage them to give them to the people. Trust, they are waiting.


Reviewed by Preach Jacobs

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