Red Café f/ Young Jeezy – “Champagne For The Pain” | New Music

If New York had a “trap” scene (you could probably argue the case given the regional blurring in hip-hop in the past decade, but that’s besides the point), Red Café would certainly be a part of it. As advertised in the last few of his music videos, the rugged Brooklyn-bred, Bad Boy-signed spitter debuts his new single, “Champagne For The Pain”, which features the trap rap juggernaut outta Atlanta, Young Jeezy.

The song pretty much does what it says on the tin; offering up soundtrack material for the clubs, where champagne (and lots of it) cures the pains of everyday life. Funkmaster Flex premiered the track moments ago, so you can stream the radio rip below. Stay tuned for Red’s next project, American Psycho, coming soon.

Listen: Red Café f/ Young Jeezy – “Champagne For The Pain”