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Sade - SOL

One of music’s most elusive stars recently agreed to do an interview with the Times. I always feel a bit guilty reading a Sade interview since she seems so reluctant to give them. Nevertheless Robert Sandall’s piece is probably the most insightful and deferential one-to-one feature on the first lady of UK soul I’m yet to read. For once, a feature on Sade by the British press that is not completely blighted by lazy journalism. There’s a lot to be learned from Ms Adu on the responsibility that success and wealth bring as this snippet suggests…

‘…Frugality… is her style, but she’s generous with it… Her touring musicians comment on how fair she has been in awarding valuable songwriting credits for their contributions — a rare thing in the tightfisted world of pop accountancy.

She has done this on the strict understanding that none of the beneficiaries talk about it, “or ever write anything about me”, which they haven’t. It’s not just a personal-privacy thing, or control freakery, she claims, “I just don’t like the power relationship it implies”. She isn’t shy about the money per se. “I always wanted to have money…But the great thing is when you’ve got it, your life doesn’t revolve around money any more.” …’

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