Rare interview surfaces with Notorious BIG on the set of “Warning” video shoot [Video]

One of the good things about technology and the webs is that when great people and musicians pass, they still live on. Case is point: this never before seen interview of the late great Notorious BIG that has just surfaced online, recorded on the set of the video shoot for “Warning” taken from his debut offering Ready To Die back in 1994.

Speaking on the album that broke Biggie out, he talks to The Video Source about his favourite track from the LP being “Everyday Struggle”, reminiscing on being in a chicken spot when he first heard himself on the radio, working on his relationship with his mom dukes where we see his pride for his daughter, and touching on much more in this short video with a small appearance from a young Puffy.

One line that sticks out, poignant in hindsight, is when he said: “Fame, I leave that alone. That’s when the ego starts then people start hating you and they really wanna stick you for your paper for real.”

Watch below.

Legends don’t die, they get remembered!

[via Complex]