Unreleased Nas freestyle from 1991 | New Music

While Nas may have channeled his youthful energy for his brand new album, Life Is Good, a previously unreleased freestyle hits the ‘net today, where we get to hear the real Nasty Nas. Dating back to 1991, the recording was a part of Gudtyme‘s Lunchroom Battle series, and sees Nas and Akinyele, who both featured on Main Source‘s “Live At The BBQ” (the very song that introduced the lyrical prowess of young Mr. Jones to the world – before Illmatic) go toe-to-toe in a cypher.

You can stream the audio – cassette tape sound quality an’ all – and read the foreword from Gudtyme below.

In the summer of 1991, I was chilling at my boy DJ Johnny Wishbone’s crib. He was making a mixtape. This was a gem from that day. Akinyele and Nas doing their ”Live at the BBQ” routine. Luckily I still have this copy. Finding it inspired me to create a mix called LUNCHROOM BATTLES. This is a collection of old school hip hop battles and freestyles that I have on my old dusty cassette tapes. Enjoy…

Listen: Nas x Akinyele – Lunchroom Battle freestyle

[via Dallas Penn]