Rapper Big Pooh f/ Big Dho – ‘Harpoon’ | New Music

Better late than never. Seven whole years since the release of his debut solo album, Sleepers, former Little Brother man Rapper Big Pooh brings us the LP’s Narcoleptic Outtakes – a collection of leftovers that, despite their title, are still album-quality. Case in point: “Harpoon”. Rooted in that smooth and mellifluous sound bed of the original cut, this jawn sprinkles a little jazz into our ears and is helped by the panty-dropping croons of Big Dho.

Rapper Big Pooh’s magnum opus (if you ask me) just got a whole lot better. Stream “Harpoon” below and purchase the full Sleepers: The Narcoleptic Outtakes set on iTunes or Amazon.

Listen: Rapper Big Pooh f/ Big Dho – ‘Harpoon’