Prism London collaborates with Opening Ceremony for Olympic-inspired sunglasses | Style

With the 2012 Olympics edging closer and closer, the city of London is buzzing with excitement with many taking much pride in having such a grand sporting event taking place in their hometown. In light of these celebrations, premium eyewear designers Prism London are collaborating with New York brand Opening Ceremony for a pop-up shop to debut their London Olympic Sunglasses range.

The sunglasses are inspired by the brands’ respective cities and come in a classic shape, like a rounder alternative to the Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and are available in the patriotic colours of matte red, white and blue, which is diverse enough to be representative of both Great Britain and the United States. The limited edition range will be encased in a clear, prism box wrapped in multicoloured rubber bands representing the Olympic rings.

The collection will be available in their new pop-up store, opening this month in London’s Covent Garden, as well as online.