Prince confirmed to perform at SXSW + unveils “Plectrum Electrum” with 3rd Eye Girl video


Referred to as an extremely short film, Minneapolis-based photographer Madison Dube has uploaded a two and a half minute video of Prince rehearsing with his new all girl band 3rd Eye Girl at his famous Paisley Park Studios.

With not much to go on with regards to what the rehearsal is for; some say it’s for his upcoming SXSW closing party show, even the track’s title is not fully known. The title ‘Plectrum Electrum’ is being thrown about but it is unsure if it’s actually the instrumental’s title or if it means something else.

Samsung will be sponsoring Prince’s first ever SXSW performance this coming saturday. The performance will only house 250 audience members and there are only two ways to obtain tickets. The first is for Samsung Galaxy owners in Austin for SXSW to click here for details about the Samsung Galaxy Experience. The second way is through a ticket drawing for SXSW Platinum and Music badge holders. To determine which SXSW Badge holders will be admitted, SXSW will conduct a ticket drawing, which will grant entry for Platinum and Music Badge Holders only.

See Prince chopping it up in the extremely short film below.