Preview Kratos Himself’s new EP ‘A Town Called Imaginarium’


Set to release A Town Called Imaginarium, his first EP for Jus Like Music Records,for free download next week, Netherlands native Kratos Himself offers up a preview of the lush, jazzy instrumental vibes on offer.

Kratos’ music is a mix of chopped electronic samples and jazz-breaks, with meandering arrangements reminiscent of electro-jazz group Portico Quartet and contemporary afro-jazz groups such as United Vibrations. With tracks often beginning in an ambient swamp of melodic samples and harmonies, they soon segue into drum-led Hip-Hop and odd-timed jazz grooves, tip-toeing the boundary between creative DJ mixes and live sample-based jazz, with additional instrumentation from bass player Marc Machielse, plus singers Ditte de Muynck and K.J.B.

Set for free release on June 24, listen to some snippets from A Town Called Imaginarium below.