Poo Bear (MDMA) – “Alone” | New Music

Having worked with the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Jill Scott, Usher and many more, four times Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and producer Poo Bear formerly known as MDMA (Most Devoted Musician Alive) has recently unleashed “Alone” – the first track off his forthcoming project #Beats2BreakUp2.

Speaking on the motivation behind the track, he revealed it was inspired by a nine year relationship with an ex. “It was something where your in love. And you look back and notice you have grown apart. She never did anything wrong that I know of — I was extremely busy in my life. I was not there for her. She was left alone a lot! A little bit too much..”

Press play and download the track below.