Pill – “Alive” | New Music

Like many an Atlanta rapper before him, Pill is a complex character. Having built his buzz back in 2009 through the independently released mixtape, 4180: The Prescription, and its bounce-boasting, street-remedy of a single, “Trap Goin’ Ham”, the aptly-named former drug dealer was then swept off his feet by Rick Ross in his Maybach Music Group starship enterprise in February. Dropping stellar, and of course heavily Southern-twanged verses on tyrannical tracks like “Pacman” and “Big Bank” from Maybach Music’s Self Made Vol. 1 compilation, no one would blame you for pocketing Pill as “yet another thug rapper”. Then he releases material like this.

The luscious drum loops, the harmonious horns and the ATLien’s touching toast to the good life; excuse me as I regain my footing. No official album or mixtape placement on this track, but enjoy the new music ’til we drop the details.

LISTEN: Pill – “Alive”