Piff Gang – ‘Greenhouse’ [Mixtape] | Stream & Free Download

London hip hop collective Piff Gang are back with some freshly baked goodness in the form of their fourth mixtape, Greenhouse, the follow-up to July’s airy free offering Plantlife.  

The brand new 11-track project features original production from Budgie, Crankz, Sumgii, JD Reid and S-Type (Lucky Me) and botanical-based raps from the group’s seven emcees. This time the group hope to extend their sway, like the greenhouse effect, to new areas and audiences. As they themselves put it:

The term ‘GREENHOUSE’…refers to the effect we hope to have on the world, as the Piff Gang brand gains more worldwide exposure through the internet and other mediums, we hope everyone can enjoy the effects of our high grade product. Through a combination of cutting edge musical production, clever wordplay and unique, clever visuals…Piff Gang are definitely hotting things up like global warming.

Peep the tracklist below, and scroll down to stream and download Greenhouse for free:

Tracklist- Piff Gang – Greenhouse

1.  Grey Goose Shit (prod. Budgie)

2.  Blue Himalaya (prod. Sumgii)

3.  On Her Titties (prod. Crankz)

4.  Money Honey (prod. Budgie)

5.  Playtime (prod. Sumgii)

6.  Paraphernalia (prod. S-Type)

7.  Mars (prod. JD Reid)

8.  Outta Country (prod. Sumgii)

9. Different Shit (prod Sumgii)

10. Late Night Caller (prod. Sumgii)

11. Keep It Moving (prod. Sumgii)

Download: here to stream Greenhouse and Piff Gang – ‘Greenhouse’ [Mixtape].