Peter Rosenberg speaks on Nicki Minaj diss: ‘I’m absolutely not apologizing’ [Audio]

Without a doubt, the most-discussed issue from yesterday’s star-studded Summer Jam festival is the drama — or kerfuffle, or brouhaha, or whatever — arising from radio jock Peter Rosenberg‘s comments during the pre-show regarding Nicki Minaj‘s hit single “Starships.” We’ve recapped the events more than once in the last 24 hours, so if you need to be caught up on what went down, go here for a refresher.

Now, Nicki is scheduled to address the issue on Funkmaster Flex‘s show in less than an hour, but Rosenberg discussed it on his show earlier today.

Quite frankly, he feels no remorse and stands by his words.

“The Barbz are all hitting me and asking me to apologize. There’s a ‘get me to apologize’ movement,” Rosenberg shared, before asking co-hosts K Foxx and Cipha Sounds to turn down the music so his next statement could be heard clearly. “I’m absolutely not apologizing because I didn’t do anything wrong. … I’ve been saying this for six months. I’m not gonna change my stance ’cause I’m at Summer Jam.”

Rosenberg went on to explain that he’s reached out to Minaj in attempts spark up some sort of dialog but had received no response and that he was surprised and disappointed she felt the need to pull out of her performance.

Then, he offered a suggestion as to what action she should have taken.

“What she should’ve done was played the game,” he said. “This is Hip-Hop; she should’ve got on that stage and made a movie.”

Listen to Rosenberg’s entire statement below, and stay tuned to SoulCulture for audio of Minaj’s interview with Funkmaster Flex later tonight.

[Props: WQHT]

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