Paris Jones – You’re Invited To The Assassination Of Patrick Campbell [FreeLP] | Stream/Download


Many artists nowadays claim to have evolved, claim to have changed, but more times they’ve just found themselves a new producer. They never assassinate their former selves burning all bridges for a new sound. However, ‘they’ are not Paris Jones and for his new album, he invites us to exactly that.

You’re Invited (to the assassination of Patrick Campbell) departs from much of Jones’ previous work into a multitude of soundscapes that can’t really be described in one sentence. Don’t worry though, that’s an amazing feat.

With most of the production handled by the man himself, Paris bounds from antiquated James Blake samples to more noted Adele cuts all the while skewing the project from Soulful Hip-Hop to melodic croons to Burial-esque dubstep. Match that with his clever wordplay and equally inventive storyline, this brilliantly evolving concept album sees Paris Jones abandon his former self as he sprints towards inevitable recognition in search of assured success.

That’s enough from me though for I got in touch with Paris recently as he told me a little bit more about the body of work:

“You’re Invited to the Assassination of Patrick Campbell by Paris Jones is me speaking from a place of maturity and basically starting over or becoming a new person. Like Simon after Jesus named him Peter or the story of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Same concept,” he explains.

“Where I was in my life, I felt in order for Paris Jones to grow and live up to his full potential Patrick (which is my government name) had to be done away with. All the baggage of insecurity, fear, pride, etc from years of rejection, disappointment, and just plain negativity from life experience had to be somewhat buried. There is no way you can pursue this dream and be in bondage to those things.

“Like in Pacific Rim for example, you run through all these memories before engaging in battle, but getting stuck in one can be detrimental. I feel alot of us try to operate like that, and its so crippling  You, me, we gotta let go of all that stuff. Those memories will always be there of course, but the negative affect they have on you and your decisions in life don’t have to be.”

Download: Paris Jones “You’re Invited”