Odd Future working with Beyoncé & The Neptunes | Music News

It’s been a crazy few weeks for the members of the Odd Future posse. First, frontman Tyler, The Creator met one of his idols, Justin Bieber (yes… Justin Bieber), then earlier this week, Billboard liberated the visuals of the front cover to their next issue featuring the entire crew and now individual members of the camp are working with some of the world’s biggest artists and producers.

Yesterday the good folks over at bbcicecream.com [the official blog site for Pharrell’s clothing line Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream] posted a photo of Grammy Award winning producers The Neptunes in the lab with Tyler the Creater and Left Brain [See above].

Not to be outdone, just a few hours ago fellow Wolf Gang member Frank Ocean uploaded a picture to his own Tumblr blog, of him and Beyoncé working together [See below], to which he stated:

this is the room i’m working in this day. not to brag but man, this is surreal. like..she’s singing my songs. if time were to stop right now, the past couple weeks would be near the top of the highlight reel for my short time on earth.

Now that’s what I call Winning!