Nicki Minaj to appear on Funkmaster Flex’s radio show tonight | Music News

By now, you should have heard about the drama that went down last night at Hot 97’s Summer Jam festival, but just in case you haven’t here’s a quick recap: Nicki Minaj was set to headline the event, but after Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg took to the mic calling “Starships” “bullshit,” Lil’ Wayne pulled Minaj out of the show. Funkmaster Flex then added fuel to the fire by saying “[Hot 97] ain’t f*cking with commercial rappers no more” in a full tirade against Minaj.

Now, in a surprising (and confusing) turn of events, Funkmaster Flex has announced that all issues will be cleared up on his show tonight when Minaj appears as a guest of his. Since she turned her back on the event, effectively boycotting Hot 97, and Flex vowing to do the same to her, it’s kind of puzzling as to why Minaj would want to be on the show or why Flex would want her on. Surely she could voice her opinion via another radio station?

Either way, I’m sure Hot 97’s ratings will go through the roof tonight as the two go head-to-head, and if they both stand their ground it’s sure to be a heated and interesting conversation worth tuning in to. I wonder if Rosenberg will also turn up…

The show will air tonight at 7pm EST on Hot 97 radio.

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