NEW MUSIC: Chromeo – 'I Can't Tell You Why' (Eagles cover)

Chromeo 2You’ve got to love Chromeo. First of all, as clichéd as this might sound, they embody the idea that music is indeed a unifying force that can transcend longstanding animosity (One band mate Dave-1 is an Israeli-Jew, the other, P-Thugg is Palestinian). Secondly on a more personal note, they indulge my soft spot for synthesisers, pop and soul-fused electronica and anything that reminds me even vaguely of the 80s, probably my favourite musical era.

If the proliferation of recording ‘artists’ who have their voice altered T-Pain style has made you forget the original beauty of the vocoder a la ‘Computer Love’, Roger Troutman and early Teddy Riley, let Chromeo remind you. They’ve been knocking around for a good while now garnering much acclaim along the way for their two previous albums ‘She’s in control’ (2004) and ‘Fancy Footwork’ (2007). I first got wind of them after reading an enthusiastic review/article in the Guardian on the release of Fancy… plus my sister is a fan too. I am looking forward to their next album DJ Kicks especially if their latest single is anything to go by…

I am most impressed with their gorgeous cover of The Eagles‘I can’t tell you why’ (free download available from their website Admittedly it’s hard to go wrong with such a magnificent tune. Some might be familiar with the excellent original and equally amazing 1995 cover by premiere R&B girl group Brownstone. These are tough shoes to fill but Chromeo do a very good job of bringing their own flavour to the table and it’s a worthy addition to the list of remakes. Enjoy.

Chromeo’s new album ‘DJ Kicks’ is released on 28 September.

Tolita x