Nemo Achida feat. SZA – “Show Me” | New Music

There’s been at least one point every year where I think to myself: “There’s nothing new going on in Hip-Hop,” only to be proved wrong by hearing something really promising. This year (so far) the promise comes in the form of Kentucky native Nemo Achida with his new single “Show Me,” featuring TDE vocalist SZA.

Co-produced with 88-Keys, this track offers a slow and sinister baseline accompanied with an array of drum kicks, a percussion loop and an impressive double-time flow touching on the classic dreams of making a success out of his talent, which, in my opinion, is pretty impressive. Listen below.

This single falls on the heels “Perfect Pride,” a brooding piece with introspective lyrics and a nice beat movement towards the end; watch the accompanying video below. Both of these tracks will feature on Nemo Achida’s forthcoming EP, Well Raised Beast, which I for one, am looking forward to hearing.