Nas to appear on new AZ record Doe or Die II | Music News

Hip hop fans, pay attention! After rap royalty Nas recently reunited with former collaborator AZ at this year’s annual Rock The Bells festival where they performed tracks from Nas’ seminal album Illmatic, AZ has revealed to XXLMag that fans waiting a new collaboration can look forward to hearing God’s Son on Doe or Die II, the sequel to AZ’s 1995 debut, stating: “I’ma say guaranteed he’ll be on that.”

As well as being part of the infamous rap group The Firm, AZ  featured on the track “Life’s A Bitch” from NasIllmatic album. “It’s 17 years [since we recorded that song] and it only feel like yesterday,” he reflects, “’cause it’s like me and him never aged at the end of the day.”

We’ll let you know of an official release date for AZ’s Doe or Die II. Until then let’s go back into time! Woi oi!!

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