Nas talks ‘Life Is Good,’ Kelis reactions + remembers his first rhyme on Big Boy’s Neighborhood [Video]

Still making the press rounds after shaking up the world with Life Is Good, Nas stops by L.A.’s Power 106 to take a stroll through Big Boy’s Neighborhood to discuss his longevity, feeling appreciated, how his ex-wife Kelis felt about “Bye Baby” and even recites a 30-year-old rhyme that he wrote as an 8-year-old.

On how he’s managed to last so long, the QB O.G. makes it seem like there ain’t much to it.

“I just take it serious, man,” he says. “Since I first got into the game, I always took it serious. I never got ahead of myself, I never let the ego break me up. … I love the music as a fan and I never saw myself as bigger than the whole genre.”

After discussing the key to his longevity, Nas was asked — almost half-jokingly — whether he remembered his first rap. Surprising everyone, the 20-year vet quickly replied “yup” and delved into a rhyme that began:

“One day in the summer long ago / Me and my friends we had a show / And after the show the crowd went wild / Your mother, your father, and even your child.”

He says he was about 8 years old when he wrote that. Impressive that he still has that in the memory bank after all these years.

As for ex-wifey’s reaction to Life Is Good‘s very revealing track “Bye Baby,” Nas says he forewarned Kelis about the song and album cover, but that she was cool with it.

Check out the whole interview below. Life Is Good is available now.