Nas f/ Amy Winehouse – ‘Cherry Wine’ [CDQ] | New Music

As if the mere whisper of the words “Life Is Good” don’t fill disciples of God’s Son with pure excitement, we’ve been blessed with some holy treats recently, including track number two, the Large Pro and No I.D.-helped “Loco Motive“, a full 10-minute stream of the album’s content in 30-second snippets and Nas’ much-awaited collaboration with the late Amy Winehouse, “Cherry Wine”, which we now have in its full CDQ flesh.

In its tagless form, everything from the soft drum-sequenced soundbed to the hump of the complimentary riff strike you immediately, but eclipsing it all are Ms. Winehouse’s rich and soulful vocals, which vibrate into your very bone structure and give the late songstress spirited life again, if only for a few minutes.

Even more special about this number is that Nas and Amy were close outside the studio, and were were even planning to throw a party together to celebrate their shared September 14th birthdays, until the unforeseen tragedy occurred.

“Cherry Wine” is available as a stream-only for now, but you can claim the track as your own come July 17th, when Nas’ long-awaited tenth solo LP, Life Is Good, finally arrives.

Listen: Nas f/ Amy Winehouse – ‘Cherry Wine’ [CDQ]

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