Nardwuar vs Wiz Khalifa [Video]

Any doubts I had about these two dudes can be comprehensively put to one side now.

Nardwuar, for all his off-kilter antics, drops some serious knowledge in his latest meeting with Taylor Gang’s Wiz Khalifa. Whilst in Vancouver, the pair discuss everything music and stoner related, from the first time that Wiz heard Doggystyleto Devin The Dude (who Wiz has some kind words for), to Flying Lotus‘ grandmother. Seriously, did anyone know that FlyLo’s meemaw wrote Freda Payne’s smooth ’77 hit “I Get High“?

As usual Nardwuar’s gifts, which include classic weed-themed paraphernalia and obscure Pittsburgh records, don’t disappoint. This is a great nine-minute music class, plus Wiz is about as humble as they come, so check it out: