Nardwuar vs. Juicy J [Video]

Nardwuar‘s interviewed some eccentrics in his time (anyone catch that Kreayshawn video?), but in this latest discussion-slash-interrogation, I think he’s finally found someone more crazier than himself: Juicy J.

Out in Vancouver, British Columbia on The Smokers Club Tour, the Taylor Gang rapper spared The Human Serviette, who’s repping for Pharrell‘s i am OTHER brand these days, time to speak on sampling Willie Hutch “two hundred million and fifty five zillion trillion quadrillion mazillion” times, partying with not one, but two, snow bunnies in a bath tub, and wearing sunglasses in the shower – all while yelling “turn up!” and “shutthefuckup!” at irregular intervals.

Plenty more random/hilarious conversation below.

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