Nancy Sinatra – “Bang Bang” (White Noise Remix) | New Music

Emanuel Bender also known as White Noise gives his “electronica/dubstep” remix treatment to Nancy Sinatra‘s classic song “Bang Bang,” which was also the soundtrack to the film Kill Bill and originally recorded by Sonny & Cher in 1966.

Apart from the opening thirty odd seconds of the song which is a cut from the original song itself, nothing else interests me about this electro house remix but I suppose it’s the weekend soon and when you hear the bass kick in at 1am backed by that glorious club speaker system, it may not be so bad. Listen and download below.

Nancy Sinatra – “Bang Bang” (White Noise Remix):

Download: Nancy Sinatra – “Bang Bang” (White Noise Remix)

[Spotted at Hypetrak]

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