Mystikal performs last show before returning to jail [Video]

In what had to be a bittersweet moment for Mystikal fans, the veteran MC rocked one last show on his home turf of New Orleans before his imminent 90-day return stretch in the joint.

Taking the stage on the final weekend of the city’s annual Jazz and Heritage Festival, Mystikal ran through some of the highlights of his catalog, including his own hits and his most memorable guest verses, but also used the opportunity to address the elephant in the room.

“Eighty-one days and I will be back,” he said, referring to his impending incarceration.

Mystikal, born Michael Tyler, was sentenced to 90 days for violating his parole in February by being arrested on domestic violence charges. The rapper was released from a Louisiana prison in 2010 after serving six years on charges of extortion and sexual battery. His sentence begins May 14th.

The MC seems to be remaining positive about the ordeal, and offered a word of advice for those in the crowd.

“I’m going through some things, but it’s gonna be all right,” he said. “Fellas if you get into it with your girl, just walk away. Me? I’m gonna run.”

After gaining notoriety in the mid-90s as a member of New Orleans-based No Limit Records, Mystikal signed with cross-town rival Cash Money Records after his release from prison. His Cash Money debut Tarantula is slated for release later this year. It is unknown whether his latest jail stint will effect the album release.
Watch: Mystikal at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2012