Mystikal – “Hit Me” | New Music

Mystikal does his very best James Brown impression in “Hit Me” – and it’s actually not terrible, with funk-filled instrumentation and the gruff-voiced rapper’s exclamatory vocals proving to be a potent combination for the quirky entertainer.

Listen below as the New Orleans native sneakily flips the classic James Brown tagline – exclaiming “say it proud, I’m black and I’m loud!” – also stealing Muhammad Ali‘s “rumble young man rumble,” mixing it in with his loveable but borderline incoherent ramblings. Is this a one-time experiment for Mystikal, or the genesis of a new persona to revitalize a fading career? Only time will tell. For now, sit back and enjoy the kickdrums.

The new Young Money signee is expected to release Original, his debut with his new label, in early 2013.