Musiq Soulchild’s MusiqInTheMagiq official album cover x tracklist unveiled

With album number six due for release on May 3rd, Philadelphia singer Musiq Soulchild‘s official tracklisting and cover art have been unveiled for MusiqInTheMagiq. Featuring Swizz Beatz, lead single ‘Anything’ opens the 12-song LP with little other information available regarding production credits at this time, nonetheless check out the tracklist below.

Additionally, Musiq talks about “growing up musically” and his artistic focus on contributing to the legacy of soul music in his latest webisode:

Musiq Soulchild Musiqinthemagiq Tracklisting:

1. anything (feat. Swizz Beatz)
2. single
3. sayido
4. lovecontract
5. silver&gold
6. waitingstill
7. backtowhere
8. dowehaveto
9. befriends
10. yes
11. medicine
12. likethesun

“I like this combination of songs because some of them are pushing me into a slightly different space that I haven’t really been in before,” he said. “People like to consider it crossover, more pop appeal, however not so much where I’m compromising the integrity of what people know.” Rap-Up

Musiq online: x @MusiqSoulchild