Wyclef – “Amadeus” | Music Video

Wyclef‘s latest song pays tribute to the role of composing in his rise to fame; for those who didn’t know, Amadeus is the middle name of classical legend, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Many artists tend to push the art of composing into a back corner, replacing it with less substantial elements in search of fame. It shows. The over-simplistic nature of the majority of today’s mainstream music is indicative of artists who seek to make a “hit,” as opposed to beautiful music. Thankfully, Wyclef remains true to his roots on this track, where smooth acoustics and a singsong multilingual flow make this a unique, refreshing, and entertaining listen.

Wyclef’s new book, Purpose, outlines his history with Lauryn Hill and Pras as part of his own personal story. It would appear that the man is making a full-fledged return to prominence… It will be interesting to see how this goes.