Vinny Cha$e – “Urban Outfitters” (Prod. Lex Luger) | Music Video

A lot of rappers like to consider themselves fashion forward, but not many can say Marc Jacobs, one of the foremost fashion designers on the planet, features in their video. That’s bragging rights Harlem-bred rapper Vinny Cha$e can lay claim to with his brand new video, “Urban Outfitters”.

With its gloating display of high-end fashion, a filthy trap-style beat from Lex Luger and, of course, a cameo (it’s more of a “bumping into”, let’s be honest) from Marc Jacobs, this one reeks of a pretentious lavish lifestyle. Following on from the previous “L.U.X.U.R.Y.” video, this, too, looks to rake in the tens of thousands of views.

If it suits your tastes, either music or fashion-wise, grab Vinny Cha$e’s Survival Of The Swag mixtape here to have full reign of “Urban Outfitters”.

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