Ty – “Let’s Start” | Music Video

ty lets start
With the second part of his EP series Kick Snare & An Idea set to be released on June 10th, UK Hip Hop veteran Ty brings us the official visual accompaniment to “Let’s Start”, the lead track from Kick Snare & An Idea Part Two.

The simple but effectively creative video, which was directed by Alex Winn, features eye catching visual effects, some serious moves provided by a solo dancer and an engaging performance from Ty himself. Press play and enjoy below.

“Let’s Start” Lyrics

Verse one

They say the sun don’t shine forever, but I’m categorised as weak when actions say I’m tougher than leather
Al Green let’s stay together, through a minefield of naysayers, see why I still endeavour
Nestled between a rock and a hard place, we cover more notes than a rock guitar case
I don’t take any inspiration from Scarface, never stood still, I even sleep at a fast pace
Nat King Cole unforgettable soul that does not walk the path that Johnny Cash controls,
Ring the bell but don’t move for whom the bell tolls,
Follow fashions need to run and sell clothes
No popularity contest, I’m trying to make meaningful music
My conquest designed to shake
Whoever’s on it feel the sonics far and wide, close the distance let’s get real platonic….. and roll..


Verse two

Pulling rabbits out of thin air is not my habit
PLEASE, give me room let me work my magic
No day off work straight through the Sabbath shake the dice and stroll past snakes and ladders
In a rush, give me the keys to the truck, the road to victory is peas to the mush
To fight the power becomes easy to us
In the midnight hour, we turn leaves into dust
Let’s skip breakfast at Tiffany’s, I’m trying to skip by what you’re slipping me, giving me false hopes of living vividly
Through dusty telescopes you hold timidly nahhh I refuse this weak imagery
Eating stale food is not obligatory so let’s start the dialogue ‘cos we’re one people reporting to some kinda God….. now…. let’s go