Toro Y Moi – “So Many Details” | Music Video

While Chazwick Bundick‘s vocals are light and easygoing, his facial expression throughout the video for “So Many Details” is quite the opposite as the South Carolina native, more commonly known as Toro Y Moi, maintains an almost completely expressionless gaze throughout an abstractly edited series of events before boarding his own private plane.

With soft melodies over a funky echoing guitar twang and lightly paced percussion, Bundick’s consistent lack of emotion in the accompanying visual is borderline hilarious in setting the stage for his upcoming album, Anything In Return, which he describes as “sincere pop.” While the concept is unexpected, it certainly makes the final product more memorable in the process despite its lack of a definitive plot. Watch below.

His album, Anything In Return, is slated to drop January 22nd.

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